Friday, June 15, 2012

I have been out of the office this past week at the Spiritual Leadership Conference in Lancaster, Ca.  The LORD used the preaching to speak to my heart and challenge me. I am very excite about putting into practice what I have learned.

Here is a new outline:

I.  Why Should We Forgive?  Because of the:
1. Grace factor-you were forgiven - If you don't forgive it disgraces you
2. Guilt factor-you still need forgiveness day by day - If you don't forgive you will be discouraged
3. Grief factor-you will fill yourself with bitterness - Unforgivness drives away the lost
4. Gain factor-reconciled Mat 18:15 - The Devil delights in the division unforgiveness causes

Jesus is the model for forgiveness, He forgives:
1. Freely-spontaneous & quick
2. Fully-completely
3. Finally-don't bring it up again
4. Forcefully-it is not natural you must force yourself to forgive

Results of forgiveness
1. Personal emancipation
2. Reconciliation
3. Spiritual jubilation

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