Monday, November 19, 2012

HEBREWS 10:19-25

One of the great problems of the 20th century is that people who call themselves godly  are neglecting the church.  Sunday is not the weekend .

Some people only go to church 3 times in their life, when they are - Hatched (throw water)  - Matched (throw rice) – Dispatched (throw dirt)


1. Let us Worship together (v. 19-22.

Salvation does not come by learnng lessons from the life of Christ but by receiving life by the death of Christ.  God wants us to worship not because of what worship does for God but for what worship does for us.

A man becomes like what he worships. First the man molds the idol, and then the idol molds the man.  God wants us to become like Him.  

Worship is all that I am responding to all that He ls.

2. Let us Witness together (v.23).  

What does it mean when you walk through the doors of your church? I still believe!

            “The faith that fizzles before the finish had a flaw from the first.” 

3. Let us Work together (v.24). 

"I had a good  preacher as a teenager, yet I don't remember a sermon he preached.  But I do remember Mr Shultz, Mrs Tucker, Mr Grissom. These folks invested something in me, and they exhorted me." 

When we go to church, we say "God is important to me, and you are important to me." 

Ill: A man wanted to empress a girl wrote her a letter everyday for 365 days, she married the postman. 

What if someone says, "Jesus, yes; the church, no"? I say “you can't separate the head from the body.


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