Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christian and His Concern
DAN 3:1; 5; 12

I. As the end gets closer, the days will get darker.
How will the devil try to manipulate and squeeze you? Through . .    

            A. Emotional Enticement
                        1. The music of adultery, drugs, death
                        2. Love or Lust? Who can tell?          
            B.  Social Inducement
                        Going against the tide . . .
            C. Governmental Enforcement
            D. Spiritual Defilement
                        1. Satan doesn't want causalities; he wants converts.
                        2. We are looked upon as un-American if we don't  
accept everyone's religion. 

II. As the days gets darker, the saints need to shine brighter.  Dan 3:13 -
Pressure to conform presents opportunities to stand. Why did Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego stand?

            A. They had a settled faith. My mind is made up!
B. They had a strong faith. Dan 3:17
C. They had a steadfast faith. 3:18
                        1.Hebrews ll:32-39--and others were tortured.
2. "Faith is not as much receiving from God what you desire as it is accepting from od what He gives."
                        3. Rom 8:35-39  

III. When the saints shine brighter, the world sees clearer. Dan 3:24-25 -       

A. Cleansing of the Saints - "The only thing that the fire burned off  them was what the world put on them."
B. Company of the Savior - "Jesus did not come to get you out of trouble. He came to get into trouble with you."
            C. Conviction of the Sinner -- Dan3:28

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