Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Text: Psalm 100:1-5
The number of great churches in America seems to be steadily declining. When I use the term "great church", I am not talking about money, buildings, programs, or size. Instead, I am talking about churches that serve the Lord and bring honor and glory to Him. I believe there are at least 4 ingredients necessary in the life of a church for it to be called "great".
1. A Church That Prays About Everything
2. A Church That Preaches God’s Word.
3. A Church That Praises The Lord.
4. A Church That Propagates The Gospel
I want to send forth "A Call To Praise"! I want to examine FOUR ASPECTS of this call.
I. How We Are To Praise The Lord.
A. With a joyful noise. v.1
1. singing
2. shouting
3. preaching
                        4. praying
            B. With a glad heart. v.2
II. Why We Are To Praise The Lord.
A. Because of who He is.
1. He is our God. (LORD) v.3a
A. Elohim-strong one
B. Jehovah-self existent one
C. Adonai-Master
2. He is our creator. v.3b
3. He is our Shepherd. v.3c
B. Because of what He is.
1. He is good. v.5a
2. He is merciful. v.5b
3. He is truthful. v.5c
III. Where We Are To Praise The Lord.
A. Everywhere in general. Psa 34:1 ... I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.
B. The church in particular. v.4a
IV. Who Are To Praise The Lord. v.5   ALL GENERATIONS!
Conclusion: We are not all made the same emotionally. Therefore, not all will praise the Lord in the same manner. Some will praise Him with tears.  Others with a smile.  Still others with a laugh.  And some with a shout.

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