Monday, May 28, 2012

5 Marks Of A Healthy Church
I Thess 5:11-23

I. A Concern For People, vs. 11.
A. Healthy churches comfort the brokenhearted, We comfort those who are dealing with
1. The Sorrows Of Life, Jn. 11:35. Loss always brings sorrow.
2. The Struggles Of Life, Galations 6:1-2. Difficulties, divorce, defeat, disappearing dreams, etc.. We are to pick them up, hold them up, and build them up! Ill. 
B. Healthy churches encourage one another  vs 11.
II. A Confidence In Leadership, vss. 12-13.
A. A Biblical Understanding Of Leadership
B. A Biblical Undergirding Of Leadership
1. Honor
2. Financial Support, I Tim. 4:18.
3. Guarding their reputation, I Tim. 5:19.
4. Followship
5. Prayer, Hebrews 13:18, “Pray for us…”
III. Commitment To Maturity, vs. 14, 15.
A. Biblical Discipline:
B. Biblical Devotion:
C. Biblical Discipleship:
IV. Consistency In Ministry, vss. 16-18.
A. Rejoice: This is the celebration of the christian life.
B. Pray: This is the communion of the christian life.
C. Give Thanks: This is the gratitude of the christian life.
V. Cooperation With The Master, vs. 19-22, “Quench not the Spirit.”
1. “Despise not prophesyings,” vs. 20.
2. “Prove all things,” vs. 21.  No compromise.
3. “Abstain from the very appearance of evil,”

A sick society deserves a healthy church. Question: “If every member of my church was just like me, what kind of a church would my church be?”

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